Two-tone monstrance IHS with blue stones

Codice prodotto: OST-2506
Catholic monstrance with cross and IHS. Ornated with blue stones.

This catholic monstrance for the liturgy represent a cross and in the top there is the acronym IHS. The attention is gained by a silver beam of light to indicate the Holy Spirit. The gilded catholic cross is enhanced with blue stones, while the sunburst is adorned with green stones. This church item is totally realized in two-tone brass and decorated by craftsmen. It is also available a smaller version with red stones.

The proposed model in the picture it is just an exemple. Each sacred item is designed and made in our workshop. It is possible to modify both the proposed workmanship and ornaments or to develop entirely new projects based on the Customer's preferences and desires.

Basic material:
shrine diameter cm 16; h. cm 70
available in small size with red stones: Two-tone monstrance IHS with red stones (OST-2503)

Sacred furnishings and religious items

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