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Segatel Snc not only produces handcrafted items, but also deals with the sale of its religious items and ornaments.
Currently the process of purchase of our products is the classical one: You have to take note of the number of the items and send us a mail or make a telephone call to get in touch with us at Segatel.

Either in writing that verbally, we will be available to provide additional information on the variants and their sizes, the bath you can choose for that particular item, and all You have to know for the final choice of features.
Once chosen the item, the color and the design , the customer sends us a written confirmation, by email or fax and we will set to work.
Generally at least for the first order we request an advance (which is determined in accordance with the customer and varies according to the quantity and value of items requested), and cash on delivery (or by bank transfer before delivery).
Of course we make exceptions: our human relationship with customers, together with our interacting directly with people, will fulfill every need in  establishing together time and method of payment.

The cost of shipping varies depending on the order, its size, and the country of destination:  we are based in Pero and send a pyx in Milan has very different costs than send ten monstrances in Brazil.
It should be said that for large orders we apply a discount on shipping charges.
The customer can choose the shipping method: we can use different types of shipment provided by the Italian Post Office or a courier.
If the customer has a trusted courier, may decide to arrange the shipment on its own, otherwise we will deal with our courier:  we will specify and detail the possible shipment ways and their costs.
For further information, please contact us by email or telephone.
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Sacred furnishings and religious items

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