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Our artisan workshop, where is also located the sale of our production, is in Pero, in the province of Milan (Italy).

Holy ornaments and religious items

The correct definition of what we produce is "holy ornaments", or "religious items", but these terms do not express completely the spiritual warmth our creations instill. Each article proposed was conceived, designed, created and finished with care, devotion and religious attention to details.

The contrast between the colors is never random, the choice of proportions always has a specific motivation and the available variants are the result of our great imagination and of our ability to change something without loosing its intrinsic characteristics.

The craftsman: arm and mind in one person

By definition a craftsman is the one who invents, owns and adjust his work to the market needs, keeping his special being, as each object he creates is unique and not mass-produced. For this reason his work has a different Value.

Ogni processo di trasformazione si realizza attraverso due fasi: la progettazione dell'articolo religioso e la realizzazione del manufatto, fasi che si interrelazionano in diversi modi. 

Every moment of execution is preceded by two phases: design and execution, which interrelate each other in different ways.
Every moment of execution is preceded by the choice of a project, but only experience determines, at least in part, the design choices.

The designer recognizes a need and finds the answer, foreshadowing the functions, the techniques, the best materials, the production and sale modalities; he determines the investment, organizes and controls the production.

The performer realizes project as determined by testing it on the basis of his experience both preventively and in the executive phase. The craftsman is the union of these figures: he designs with his imagination and creates with his hands.

Lavorazione Arredi Sacri 1
Marco Segatel at work. Proctetive varnishing: varnishing the golden part prevent the silvered galvanization from covering the whole item. Removing the proctetive varnishing causes the two-tone effect.
Lavorazione Arredi Sacri 2
Cleansing to remove the temporary proctetive varnishing.
Lavorazione Arredi Sacri 3
Golden galvanization of a tabernacle's door.
Lavorazione Arredi Sacri 4
Ultrasound washing before the galvanic bath: it removes drosses and wastes.
Lavorazione Arredi Sacri 5
Sunburst assembling in a wall tabernacle.
Lavorazione Arredi Sacri 6
Assembling of a monstrance base.

Sacred furnishings and religious items

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